Little Cubs - Play School, Nursery, PreSchool - A Unit of Datamatics Group

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We structure our day to allow periods of freeplay and group activities. Each Child is allowed to move through the activities at their own pace.

Using our in-depth knowledge of child development we plan and provide a rich stimulating environment. Our scientifically designed curriculum allows and helps the child to have responsive individualised approach. Our regular stage performance facility helps the child face the demanding world with confidence and courage.

We strongly believe that children learn best through their own inquiry and exploration. We absolutely believe child development varies during early childhood. Hence, teacher planned and teacher directed times are also included. Some children feel most comfortable during these valuable structured times.

The play and creativity centre not only helps physical growth, planning and independent play but also takes care of the fine motor skills, cognitive skills and promotes unique creativity.

Founder - Principal : Mrs. V. Bhuvana